Two words are offered each week for consideration. Each word has a similar definition, but one is more expressive. You can pick either word, or both, to use in your story.


  1. Go write something using the prompt: fiction, poetry, thrillers, fantasy, romance, personal memoir... anything.
  2. You MUST use one or both prompts, in any tense or form, as long as it's grammatically correct.
  3. Try to keep your missive to 700 - 1,000 words.
  4. Come back here to link up in the comments section below. Include the URL to the specific post and not just your homepage.
  5. Deadline to enter is Sunday, midnight CST (5 a.m. Monday GMT)
  6. One entry per person.


Boisterous and/or Rowdy

[adj] noisy, energetic, and cheerful; noisy and disorderly

In case you missed last week's stories using "Gamin" and/or "Ragamuffin"

Nonamedufus, “About Donna
Shreya Kashyap, “Dream too much
Stacy “Chimeras
Kenneth, “Leaving Sleeping Dolls Lay
Katy, “New Old Friends"
Tara, “A run-on slam

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Comment by Joe Scott 1 hour ago


The Return Of Hollering Martin Mandible

Comment by Stacy Overby 1 hour ago

Shayna is getting some Talk of Revolution this week in the Weather Riders serial.

Comment by nonamedufus on Wednesday

This week I'm going to Double Your Pleasure

Comment by Tara Roberts on August 22, 2016 at 2:23pm

Dogs and cats... "Keeping the dogs at bay"

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