Because we want to honor you - the writers and members who make this prompt program a success:  we will steal borrow YOUR words and use them as a prompt. That’s right, we will steal borrow from you! Among your posts and stories - there are some beautiful gems... Each week we will pick a snippet, a line, something that tickles our fancy, get your approval to steal borrow and run with it as the weekly prompt. You get final approval on if it's used or not!

The Rules

  1. Go write [something] using either both, or one of our prompts;
  2. Use the quote as an opening line, use it as a closer, or use it in the middle. Just use it in verbatim within your story;
  3. Come back here to link up in the comment section below;
  4. Deadline to enter Saturday, noon CST (5 p.m. GMT);
  5. Only one entry per person. 
  6. We will then blab about it to the world via our Facebook page and our Twitter account;
  7. Be seen by thousands of potential readers!

The Prompts

"Hectic" is the key word for this month. So much going on, so much to do, so much left to do. At least for our American 30 Plus-ers we have a huge food fest to look forward to at the end of November. 

This week, we are borrowing from Joe, "On Our Planet."

“I should have stopped...” and/or "dandelions"

Don't forget to visit the other participants. Everyone enjoys comments. Please keep any constructive critiques positive.

If you haven't already, leave us a comment with your post link, telling us if you give us permission to “borrow” a line from your entry. If you'd like to have one of your original photos or artwork used as a prompt, include that in your comments too. 

If you missed reading last week's other stories:

Tara, "Here comes trouble"
Thomas, "Please allow me to introduce myself"
Nonamedufus, "You Are in Deep Trouble"
Kenneth, "When You Practice to Deceive"

Have fun writing!

Tara and Kirsten


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Comment by Katy Brandes on Friday

Took a NaNoWriMo break to flash back to a previous post with Coincidence. @onlyintheozarks

Comment by Joe Scott on Friday

BEEN.  I know I have BEEN failing...  (slink away, embarrassed)

Comment by Joe Scott on Friday

Hi guys.  First, yes.  I know I have failing to make the rounds, read all your stuff, and participate and leave comments and whanot.  I'm doing the NaBloPoMo (a post a day for all of November) thing, and between that and life of late, well - no excuses.  I'll catch up with your blogs this weekend - I promise!  In the meantime, here's...


Comment by Laura Alonso on Friday

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all having a good week. Some short lines from me this week:


Comment by Tara Roberts on Thursday

Drunk on dandelion wine...

Whispered wishes

Comment by nonamedufus on Wednesday

I went with dandelions this week. Or something like that.

Comment by Kenneth Lawson on November 17, 2014 at 4:45pm

Sometimes relations aren't the best;  even in the best of families;

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