Changing up the prompt a little in the new year. We’re going back to a single word prompt. Two words are offered for consideration. Each word has a similar definition, but one is more expressive. You pick which word you want to use in your story.

“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

The Rules

1. Go write something using the prompt - fiction, poetry, thrillers, fantasy, romance, personal memoir… anything.

2. Use either prompt, in any tense or form, as long as it’s grammatically correct.

3. Try to keep your missive to 500 words or less, but don’t worry about length, we won’t count.

4. Come back here to link up in the comment section below.

5. Deadline to enter Saturday, midnight CST (5 a.m. Sunday GMT).

6. Only one entry per person. 

The Prompts

portent” and/or “sign”: [noun] an indication of what is going to happen

If you have a suggestion for a prompt, leave your word pair in the comments.

Don't forget to visit the other participants. Everyone enjoys comments. Please keep any constructive critiques positive.

If you missed reading last week's stories with "mercurial" and/or "unpredictable:"

Tara, “Solvent green
Stacey, "Wine"
Kenneth, "Plenty of Time to Reflect"
Christa, "Doldrums"
Katy, "The Comfort Zone"
Ashley, "In-between All and Nothing"

Have fun writing!

Tara and Kirsten


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Comment by Tara Roberts yesterday

Glad to have you back Bryan! Hope to see you again in the weeks to come.

Comment by Tara Roberts yesterday

More of Agatha's story

As the spirits move you

Comment by Kenneth Lawson on Tuesday

Here mine for the week. A idea I had kicking around in my head for a while.

I Know Your Secrets

Comment by Bryan Dumas on Monday

Not a short story, but rather a narrative non-fiction piece that just happened to actually "use" (changed omen to portent) one of the words. Been a while since I posted here. Sorry for the length. Part of larger series called '83

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