Because I want to honor you - the writers and members who make this prompt program a success:  I will steal borrow YOUR words and use them as a prompt. You heard me, I will steal borrow from you! Among your posts and stories - there are some beautiful gems... Each week I will pick a snippet, a line, something that tickles my fancy, get your approval to steal borrow and run with it as the weekly prompt. You get final approval on if it's used or not!

  1. Go write [something] using our prompt;
  2. Use it as an opening line, use it as a closer, or use it in the middle. Just use it in verbatim within your story;
  3. Come back here to link up in the comment section below;
  4. I will then blab about it to the world via our Facebook page and our Twitter account;
  5. Be seen by thousands of potential readers!

WORD COUNT: 150 MAX. (+/-)

Source: KG Waite from Truths Untrue. KG is another brilliant writer who regularly submits stories to our weekly prompts. Author of 2 self-published books, she is currently working (I believe) on another novel? Isn't time you discovered the words of KG Waite?

p.s. My amount of free time is escaping me. It's a good news/bad news thing. If you share your post on Facebook, and link us in the post, I will share it on our S30+ page, same thing goes with Twitter - I will retweet all your prompt submissions that include an @Studio30Plus in the tweet!

Have fun writing!

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Comment by Joanne Roth 8 hours ago

Here is my post for this week:  Patchwork Garden.

Comment by Katy Brandes 9 hours ago

Oops ... let me try again. It's at A Different Kind of Earth Day. Sorry 'bout that!

Comment by Marie Nicole 19 hours ago

Katy - I tried a bunch of different things to find your link - nothing worked!

Comment by Katy Brandes 21 hours ago

Sorry, but I blew the word count out of the water (pun intended). Honestly, I forgot. If I can still play, my post is called A Different Kind of Earth Day. @onlyintheozarks 

Comment by Andrea Cole yesterday
Mine for the week Tut tut, looks like rain
Comment by Tara Roberts on Monday

My entry is here:

Where daisies bloom

Thanks for the fun prompt Kelly.

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