What a great week for us at Studio30 Plus!

We announced our Live Chat series, which we will be kicking off soon. This will be a scheduled date, time, and topic for us to meet in the Studio's chat room to share thoughts and ideas. We are working on a list of topics. If you have any ideas, please email me at studio.thirty(at)yahoo(dot)com.

The bouncing books in the sidebar is a way we are now promoting members who have published books. Please consider supporting these authors by buying a book (or two). This also supports Studio30 Plus (it's an affiliate link), helping to defray the monthly fees for the Ning platform. 

Many members emailed me their books after the slideshow was installed. I will be uploading those books later this weekend.

I was reviewing the June calendar of Featured Writers. We have such a diverse mix of writers coming up next month. I am also excited about the varied topics that will be covered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are our instructional/inspirational writing days.

Enjoy these great writers below. Make sure to leave a comment to let them know you are visiting from Studio30 Plus.

Have a great weekend!

In the Spotlight

Vinny C. from As Vinny C's It is in the spotlight this week. This multi-talented guy is known for his humor writing and stick figure illustrations. His one post to the Community Blog was wildly popular, giving men excellent relationship advice. Another one of his awesome contributions is scheduled to publish Memorial Day. It's another must-read piece. Check out his blog, which is filled with many hilarious stories and imaginative posts. This week's submission is a perfect example. It will have any blogger laughing.

Go visit Vinny and read "AVCI Presents..."

Our Weekend Spotlight Contributors

Joe from Mostly Harmless DrivelThe Silver Jacket Man's Gift

Rebecca from Mindfully HonestGood Day Sunshine

Deus Ex Machina from Goddess in the MachineChance

Christian from Point Counter-Point Point PointC is for Cholestrol

Eric from I Can't Brain; I Have the DumbSomething Funny This Way Comes

Kir from The Kir CornerThe Women in My Corner: A Story Circle of Love

Marie Nicole from My Cyber House RulesBob & Barry

David Wiley from Scholarly ScribePoem-Revolution

Kelly from Naked Girl in a Dress:Love Shining Brightly

Tumbleweed from Confessions of a TumbleweedIt's Miller Time

Tricia from Stream of ConsciousMother of the Year

Happy Reading!

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