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Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some great reading. We have 20 submissions this week. Enjoy!

In The Spotlight

Deb from Just Keepin' it Real Folks writes about her daily observations. Her warped and wacky sense of humor guarantees an interesting read with each visit to her site. She enjoys wine, college football, working out and traveling. Stop by to visit Deb!

This week Deb submitted The Weed at the Garden Party.

Our Weekend Spotlight Contributors

Melanie from Melanie CrutchfieldLike Bees in my Head

Deus Ex Machina from Goddess in the MachineKar O Shi

Bethany from Bad Parenting MomentsWhat I Want to Be When I Grow Up (Beauty) School Drop-Out

Jill from In Bed With Married WomenHow Wanking It Created the Universe and Other Theories on Masturbation

Kimberly from Rubber Chicken MadnessIt Wasn't What I Was Expecting

Kelly from Naked Girl in a DressAnswering the Question: Is He the One?

Feisty from Feisty CatBig Bad Bob

Sassy from Sassy StylingsThe Code

Pish from Pish PoshI is for Ipanema

Kirsten from The Kir CornerTrifecta/100 Word Song: Robbing Cradles

Dr. Cynicism from Cynicism 101Spam, it's Time for Revenge

Tumbleweed from Confessions of a TumbleweedTenacity Lane is a Dead End and Other Bird-Brained Ideas

Amy from Kid Free LIvingMy Life as a Religious Miracle Marketer

Sarah from La Casa di FrigerioThis is NOT the Best Way to Wake Up

Nikki from My Cyber House RulesStealing Headlines: The Fad Will Never Die

Robyn from Hollow Tree VenturesCharacter Assassination Carousel: Babar gets Poached

Tricia from Stream of the ConsciousI Am Normal

Ben from Dad of the DecadeBlink

CV from Cubicle ViewsThe Weekly TPS Report--April 13

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Comment by Eric Storch on April 15, 2012 at 10:38am

Great entries, everyone! I read them all even if I didn't comment.

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