It's been a great week at Studio30 Plus!

Our membership grew by 26 new members this week. Our newest group, Unsettled Bloggers, was formed by Nikki Rules (thanks Nikki!) a little over a week ago and already has 24 members. We have also published over 80 posts to the Community Blog in the 20 days the site has been live.

Thank you for being an active member and for telling others about our community!

Not only did we have a lot of new members join, but they are quickly getting involved in our community. As a result, I decided the member to be in the spotlight today should be the newest member to submit a link. 

In The Spotlight

Joe from Mostly Harmless Drivel just became a member yesterday. He can often be found with a camera, pen, and no plan. Joe describes his writing as off the beaten path. From spending some time on his blog, it really is an eclectic mix. Make sure to welcome him to S30P and visit his blog.

Joe submitted She Called Him a Nit Louse (Hobo #11 of 700) for the spotlight this week.

Our Weekend Spotlight Contributors

Gina from Double Jointed LifeGgffg?1?

Kelly from Naked Girl in a DressCelebrating Two Years of Nakedness on the Internet

Abby from Abby Has Issues:Keeping it Real 2

Brahm from Alfred Lives HereOne Million Hateful Moms

Melanie from Melanie CrutchfieldLike Pulling Teeth (Also, Baby Animals!)

Vanessa from 5 Things About Nothing Important5 Things About Mortifying Moments

Eric from I Can't Brain Today; I Have the DumbBorder Patrol

Sassy from Sassy StylingsThere's Bad, Awful, Worst of All Time, and Then...These Album Covers

Christian from Point Counter-Point Point PointBest 80's TV Show?

Deus Ex Machina from Goddess in the MachineGnothi Seauton

Kimberly from Rubber Chicken MadnessJust Be Enough: Faith

Jill from In Bed With Married Women"Her Swarthy Snatch" that is Reader Mail Week, Day 1

Vinny From As Vinny C's ItMe, Myself, and a Sterile Cup

Liz from Shiftless MommyKnee-Jerk Reaction

Tumbleweed from Confessions of a TumbleweedWhat Grizzly Adams Can Teach Us About Public Urination

Ben from Dad of the DecadeFiction Friday #1: Ice Cream

CV from Cubicle ViewsClick and Ask for Forgiveness Later

Happy Reading!

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Comment by Marie Nicole on April 22, 2012 at 2:49pm

Yes, I saw that and did a silent chuckle from within... 

Comment by Kelly Sajonia on April 22, 2012 at 12:13pm

No problem! I saw the change and re-welcomed you to the community. :)

Comment by Marie Nicole on April 22, 2012 at 11:59am

Thanks for the mention for the Unsettled Group Kelly! And by the way, Nikki Rules has been laid to rest. I am me: Marie Nicole! Yay!

Comment by Jo-Anne Meadows on April 21, 2012 at 9:03pm

Will now go and do some reading and commenting

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