The S30P team works hard to keep the site running smoothly each day, but we also recognize so many others are doing a lot to make this a great community. Here are two groups to consider joining and the members who have taken the lead to oversee them:

Freelance Writers continues to grow each week with a tremendous amount of activity too. Emily Suess has been working hard since the new Studio30 Plus was launched to build this group and it is incredibly successful as a result.

This week Lindsey Renuard created a new group for our community:Poets. Stop by to visit the group and consider joining.

We have a great mix of writing this week. Enjoy!

In the Spotlight

CV from Cubicle Views enjoys breaking rules in life. That I know from personal experience. As for his writing, CV chronicles cube life, but also writes about food, beer, wine, whiskey, and politics at times. CV provides support for those also confined to cubicles with the "Dear CV" series. The best thing about visiting Cubicle Views is the guarantee to laugh.

CV submitted "What Makes Me Tic?" for the spotlight this week.

Our Weekend Spotlight Contributors

Melanie from Melanie CrutchfieldA Tale of Two Sarcastic Rants

Kelly from Naked Girl in a Dress:5 Advantages to Being Single

Sassy from Sassy StylingsOut, damn'd spot! Out, I Say!

Christian from Point Counter-Point Point PointWho Knows More Useless 80's TV Knowledge?-The Duel

Gina from Double Jointed:London: Réservez, S'il Vous Plaît

Jen from When Pigs Fly:Life According to Erma

Tricia from Stream of the ConsciousA Saturday Night With the Music of the Stan Kenton Orchestra

Jill from In Bed with Married Women:"Shocking (fine) details of a gentle vagina," aka the Misguided Goo...

Deus Ex Machina from Goddess in the MachineTimekeeper

Marie from My Cyberhouse RulesPark Magic

Laverne from Kindred AdventuresSasha and Her Perspective

From Treading Water in the Kiddie PoolAnxiety at the Airport

Ms. Darkstar from AdminderellaMeeting Jenny Lawson

Happy Reading!

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