Thanks for reading our first Weekend Spotlight on the new site. For those of you who are new to S30P, not just the new platform, this is where we promote our members' best writing in the last seven days. Each member has an opportunity to submit a link by emailing us at our Yahoo account for inclusion. The Spotlight is published on Saturday with one random member given extra spotlight.

This week the random member was chosen based upon the first to sign up when the site went live on Monday. The winner is Kirsten Piccini. Thank you for quickly signing up on Monday morning!

In The Spotlight

Kirsten Piccini writes on her blog The Kir Corner. Her blog has evolved over the years from a chronicle of her infertility challenges to a blog where she writes about her life and love of her family, which now includes adorable twin boys. Kir loves shoes, cupcakes, and writing chick lit. To learn more, go visit her site.

Kirsten's submission for this week is Just Write: Touching Your Toes.

Our Weekend Spotlight Contributors

Arelis from My Pocketful of Thoughts40 Days for Life

Sarah from Casa FrigerioThe Imperfect Mother's Guide to Feeding Children

Sassy from Sassy StylingsRussian Dating Chat-It Wasn't What I Was Expecting

Mandy from You've Got to Be Kidding Me:Meeting New People is Not My Superpower

Kelly from Naked Girl in a Dress5 Reasons to Get Married

Abby from Abby Has IssuesBreaking Through

Stacy from Tangerine MondayPerfectly Imperfect

Kimberly from Rubber Chicken MadnessTaking it Back

Jill from In Bed with Married WomenBikini Condom, We Hardly Knew Ye

Pish from Pish PoshB is For Bonfire

Ben from Dad of the DecadeMeeting Emma

Nikki from My Cyberhouse Rules:15 Sure Ways to Know He's Cheating

The Dude from The Simple Dude:Lousy Parents Ruin Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Reading!

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