A few highlights from the week at S30P:

A group we are watching grow in membership recently is
{Im}perfect Parent Writers. The group now has 24 members! Thank you
Laura Sauer for creating and leading this group of writers.

Have you noticed
Jen Havice has been the Featured Writer on several Tuesdays? Jen has agreed to write a weekly post on social media. We are so appreciative she has expanded her role on the S30P team. I can't wait to read what Jen shares in the coming weeks.

In the Spotlight

Joe from Mostly Harmless Drivel is in the spotlight this week. I typically choose using a random system before posts are submitted, but this week is an exception. Joe wrote to me with his link explaining he was quickly submitting before he had a chance to change his mind--he wasn't sure it was good.

What intrigued me was the basis for the post. Joe and a blogging friend gave each other blog post titles to write to with only an hour to complete the writing assignment. What a great idea to spark some creativity!

 Go visit Joe and read "My Best Friend Growing Up Was Snagglepuss."

Our Weekend Spotlight Contributors

CV from Cubicle ViewsThe Long and Winding Road

Abby from Abby Has IssuesPaper, Plastic, Perspective

Unfinished Person from Still UnfinishedA Bad Trip to the Supermarket II

Sassy from Sassy StylingsHoney Badger Don't Care

Kelly from Naked Girl in a DressSeeing a Ray of Sunshine

Sarah from La Casa di FrigerioVignettes: The Car

Gillian from Gillian MarchenkoMeeting Her

Christian from Point Counter-Point Point PointT-to-the-AND-to-the-TOPS

Tanya from Original Thoughts of an Unoriginal ThinkerHappy Siete de Mayo!

Charlotte from My Pixie BlogPast and Present Hoboken

Alaina from View from Down HereBeing a Momma

Kim from Perfectly Cursed LifeStand with Julia...Stand with Me

Marie from My Cyber House RulesWho Needs Comic-Cons and Sea Monkeys When Ya Got Bioluminescence's!

Jill from In Bed with Married WomenThe Lush Sexuality of a Woman in Full Bloom

Happy Reading!

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Comment by Kelly Sajonia on May 14, 2012 at 12:06pm

@Joe: It was a really great idea. Happy to share the concept and your writing with the community!

@Marie: Bugs Bunny? No. Not surprised at all. :)

Comment by Joe Scott on May 13, 2012 at 12:56am

Thanks for the non-random spot, Kelly!  It really was fun.  We were IMing and complaining about writer's block.  An hour later, we had our odd little posts based on spur of the moment titles.  Time for my late-night reading of everybody in the spotlight.  Hope there's as much good stuff as last week...

Comment by Marie Nicole on May 12, 2012 at 7:39pm

A one-hour writing assignment? How cool is that? Loved reading about Bugs Bunny - I never grew out of that stuff (wouldja believe???)

Comment by Jen Havice on May 12, 2012 at 9:22am

Thanks, Kelly. Just been thinking about what to write for this coming Tuesday.

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